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Corporate Tools 1.1 – 1-Click Updates and additional translations

| Markus Mauthe

Originally, Corporate Tools was a side project for the German Red Cross, providing a Usercentrics Integration for YOOtheme Pro and Joomla!. Now that it is serving well on dozens of websites, we are providing the first version for the international market.

What's new?

  • 1-Click Updates via Joomla! Updater
  • New English Translation as default
  • Platform Update of Usercentrics CMP and SDP
  • GDPR Readiness

1-Click Updates

With Corporate Tools 1.1 you can now update our extension with a single click. Just visit your backend and look at notifications if there are any new updates. If so, you only need to hit the update button and you will be provided with our latest software version. Make sure you have deposited your download key in our update site, otherwise the update will fail. Also make sure that there are no whitespaces at the beginning or end of your key.

English translation

We have added an English translation to our tool in both backend and frontend. So, don't worry. You don't need to learn any German phrases in order to master the data protection on your website. But feel free to drink a beer or Karamalz (German non-alcoholic malt beer) when you are done with your setup ;-)

Platform Update

To ensure that data protection always works, we only use versions of Usercentrics that have been tested before. The versions of Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Smart Data Protector (SDP) will be risen periodically. For now, we use CMP version 3.23.0 and SDP version 3.1.2. More information about these versions can be found at Usercentrics' Updates and Announcements.

In Advanced Mode you can adjust the versions of CMP and SDP. You can type in specific versions or you use the word latest to always load the latest version. Keep in mind, that these versions are not tested. Furthermore, we do not provide any support for the vast number of other versions. You always use other versions at your own risk!

GDPR readiness

Corporate Tools is fully aligned to the GDPR. Therefore we only use EU servers to load Usercentrics CMP and SDP. This is hard coded. However, if you live outside the European Union and you experience high latency, just talk to us. We will then consider to implement an option to not exclusively load from EU servers but the closest ones.