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Corporate Tools 1.2 – Speedy Data Protector and Joomla! 5 Support

| Markus Mauthe

Corporate Tools 1.2 is all about usability and compatibility. Speeding up YOOtheme Data Protector, automating post-installation tasks and making our extension compatible with Joomla! 5 are the visible benefits of this release. But there are also improvements "under the hood": The new code structure will enable us to implement more CMPs and support more CMS.

What's new?

  • Speedy YOOtheme Data Protector
  • Compatibility with Joomla! 5
  • Code Refactoring and Modularization

Speedy YOOtheme Data Protector

With Corporate Tools 1.2 the processing of external services will be done directly after page load. It is no longer necessary to wait for a Consent Management Platform to be loaded. To acheive this, YOOtheme Data Protector now listens to your browser's storage where CMPs like Usercentrics cache your privacy settings. In total, this speeds up the display of your page and users can interact with your website even faster.

Ready for Joomla! 5

Corporate Tools 1.2 is made for Joomla! 5 which means it's fully compatible with the new major version. However, it's our first release for Joomla! 5. So, if you find any technical issue do not hesitate to contact us.

Code Refactoring and Modularization

Corporate Tools 1.2 is a hugh step forward when it comes to code refinement. The modularization of our code enables us to implement more CMPs such as Cookiebot, but also sets the basis to support more CMS such as Wordpress. And that's not all. We also added a configuration updater that automatically updates the extension's database structure according to the latest release. Moreover, if there are any style changes these changes will automatically be applied after updating the extension. This sounds like a real 1-Click Update, right?

Usercentrics Platform Update

To ensure that data protection always works, we only use versions of Usercentrics that have been tested before. The versions of Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Smart Data Protector (SDP) will be risen periodically. For now, we use CMP version 3.34.0 and SDP version 3.3.2. More information about these versions can be found at Usercentrics' Updates and Announcements.

In Advanced Mode you can adjust the versions of CMP and SDP. You can type in specific versions or you use the word latest to always load the latest version. Keep in mind, that these versions are not tested. Furthermore, we do not provide any support for the vast number of other versions. You always use other versions at your own risk!