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Corporate Tools


Corporate Tools integrates valuable tools that make everyday IT life easier into YOOtheme Pro. Namely, these tools are:

Consent Tools

  • Consent Overlays
  • Consent Management
    • Usercentrics

Consent Overlays do not only block cookies but external services themselves. There is no connection to any third-party servers unless the user has given his consent to load the service.

Usercentrics is a leading provider of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) that helps you obtain, manage and document the consent of your visitors.



Make sure to meet the requirements for installing the Corporate Tools plugin:

  • PHP 8.0+
  • Joomla! 4.0+
  • YOOtheme Pro 4.0+


Download the Corporate Tools plugin and install it using the offical Joomla installation instructions. Note that the plugin must be enabled before it will work. This is usually done by the installation script. When enabled, you will see a new section in the Website Builder called "Corporate Tools". If the section does not appear please check the plugin status in the backend and enable the extension manually if necessary.

Download ID

To enable 1-click updates for the Corporate Tools plugin you need to enter your Download ID. For more information please read the paragraph about "Updating".


Tag ManagerNew

Getting started

Google Tag Manager enables you managing the Google Tags on your website without editing your website code. You only embed your Tag Manager container on your website at the first time. The further set up will be done using Tag Manager's web-based user interface.


Embedding the container on your website is as easy as adding your GTM ID to the YOOtheme Pro settings. To insert your ID go to: Joomla! Backend → YOOtheme Pro → Settings → External Services → Google Tag Manager.


To populate your container with tags, triggers, variables and configurations, go to Tag Manager's web-based user interface (

Data Protection

Google Tag Manager is an external service and can be blocked until the user has given his consent. You can solely use Consent Overlays to generate a consent banner or even activate a CMP to use the external service with.


Q: Text

A: Text.


Getting started

Usercentrics is a leading provider of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) that helps you obtain, manage and document the consent of your visitors. Corporate Tools integrates the CMP into YOOtheme Pro for a seamless experience.

A Usercentrics license is not part of the subscription and has to be purchased separately.

Setting ID

To enable the CMP you need to enter your Setting ID. A Setting ID can be issued by

  • Usercentrics
  • eRecht24 (Usercentrics partner)
  • ruhe.potential (Usercentrics and eRecht24 partner)

or some other partner you are working with. If you don't use eRecht24 and you don't have a partner yet you might want to subscribe to our Business Plan which includes a Usercentrics Setting ID and the professional integration into your Joomla! CMS. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Privacy Policy / Imprint

When entering the Setting ID the CMP shows up and won't disappear until you have made your decision. To be clear: You can't access your website's frontend without having made a privacy decision. However, your privacy policy and imprint should be accessible without having made any decision. In order to suppress the CMP on these sites you need to enter the links to these sites.

You can choose the corresponding menu item by clicking on the link symbol, then choose the tab "Menu Items" and then search for the menu item if not listed yet. The link to the menu item will be pasted into the input field and should look like this: index.php?Itemid=101.

Do not choose the article itself! Always choose the menu item that leads to the article, otherwise the CMP won't be suppressed correctly!

Data Processing Services

You might wonder that there is no possibility to define the external services you use on your website. The Usercentrics CMP is a Software-as-a-Service, thus the CMP and its configuration will be loaded from Usercentrics when opening your website. This is the reason why you cannot make any changes to the CMP in Corporate Tools.

You need to register all data processing services that you use on your website. This can be done in the control panel of your Usercentrics dealer. Please contact your dealer for more information.


Usercentrics' Smart Data Protector is integrated into the YOOtheme Pro Style Customizer. The customizer allows you to change aspects of overlays and texts created by this script.

Component options

To customize the style go to: Joomla! Backend → YOOtheme Pro → Style → Components → Usercentrics. There you can adjust overlays and texts created by Smart Data Protector.

Adjustments are especially recommended in these cases:

  • Dark style: You use a dark style and your light text is unreadable in front of a light background. In this case you can lower the background transparency value.
  • Large content: You use third-party content at viewport height. In this case you can raise the container max height to get an overlay that has nearly the same height as the content itself.
Usercentrics' terms and conditions do not permit the customer to modify or otherwise manipulate any software or Usercentrics-codes provided by Usercentrics. That's why the CMP itself cannot be styled with YOOtheme Pro.

Data Protection


When using this plugin you don't block cookies but third-party technologies themselves: Entire services like Google Maps or YouTube won't be executed unless the website visitor has given his consent. If not, no external scripts are executed which implies that no cookies are set, too.


You might want to adjust how data protection works on your website. You can choose from these options:

  • YOOtheme Data Protector
  • YOOtheme + Smart Data Protector

YOOtheme Data Protector

YOOtheme Data Protector is a script that was explicitly invented for YOOtheme Pro. It handles third-party services that come with YOOtheme Pro and controls them according to the GDPR (Consent Overlays). Technically, this is done by preventing external scripts from being executed and from being preloaded from third-party servers - unless the user has given his consent. It supports a small number of other Joomla! extensions as well.

Currently supported technologies:

Service Supported Platform
Google Analytics YOOtheme Pro
Google Maps YOOtheme Pro, DPCalendar*
OpenStreetMap YOOtheme Pro, DPCalendar*
reCAPTCHA Visible Joomla!, RSForm!Pro*
reCAPTCHA Invisible Joomla!, RSForm!Pro*
Vimeo Joomla!, YOOtheme Pro
YouTube Video Joomla!, YOOtheme Pro

* Partially supported

Smart Data Protector

Smart Data Protector was invented by Usercentrics and prevents external services from being executed. Unlike YOOtheme Data Protector it cannot prevent external scripts from being preloaded from third-party servers.

However, it supports a wide range of third-party services and can be additionally enabled if needed. If you need a zero-connection solution please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Currently supported technologies:

See documentation


Q: My YOOtheme Pro style won't be applied to the CMP. What's going wrong?

A: Nothing is going wrong. This is an expected behaviour. The Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a SaaS solution and uses its own Shadow DOM. Shadow DOMs separate their elements from any design specifications that have been made to the ordinary DOM.

If you need the CMP with your own logo and design, you have to purchase a fully featured Usercentrics license starting at 15€ per month. For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: I have enabled the CMP but external services like Google Maps aren't blocked. What can I do?

A: Have you registered all data processing services? The CMP needs to know which third-party services you use on your website. Otherwise the CMP won't control these services.

Setting up the CMP also includes specifying the data processing services that you use on your website. Please ask your Usercentrics partner to do this setup for you or use your Usercentrics account to do this on your own.